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The Late Clyde E. Woodroffe IV is the inspiration for this Foundation.  Clyde’s passion and his sense of warmness touched the lives of his family, his peers and his community.  It is our hope and desire for youth to achieve a similar legacy of leading a positive and impactful life

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A big name that was given to an extraordinary and exceptional young man who exemplified greatness and royalty. It is a big name that he had to grow into, and he did so with much confidence and boldness. Clyde believed in maximizing every God given opportunity that came his way. . Living his dream and daring to hope, he believed that whatever he perceived, he was certainly able to achieve. With a vision and goals, he made every moment of his life worthwhile and productive. The way he lived had a compelling impact on the people he knew.

America is so desperate for answers to the growing problems that plague our youth today. We have solutions that will make a difference in the lives of these young people. With your help, we can realize a dream fulfilled.

we can make the difference.


CEW Foundation sponsored programs assist youth in developing and applying strategies for dealing with adolescence issues, such as resolving conflicts, building self-confidence, developing positive relationships and setting goals. Programs are below.

After School Programs

We offer a variety of programs geared specifically toward empowering our youth. Activities include presentations and discussions focused on dealing with adolescence issues such as resolving conflicts and setting goals.

Annual Youth Forum

This weekend event exposes our youth to strategies that will employ them to make better decisions. It is designed to give our youth a rewarding experience through workshops, discussion, and role play to assist them with making great strides towards improving their lives and impacting their community.

Trips & Activities

To enhance the quality of life in our youth by exposing, enriching and expanding their world view with Social and Recreational Activities while introducing them to new experiences and offering a social outlet with their peers. We have enriched the lives of over 200 youth and widen their horizon.

Scholarship/ Sponsorship

The Clyde E. Woodroffe IV (CEW) Foundation is commitment to the development and growth of our youth is demonstrated through our Scholarship/Sponsorship program. CEW IV have given 11 scholarships and 3 Financial Assistance. We assisted high school seniors with limited financial resources whose goal is to pursue higher education by providing scholarships to help off set the cost.

Because Of You.... This Is Possible!

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