Making A Difference In The Lives Of Our Youth

Our Mission

CEW IV Foundation will seek to partner with organizations that align with our Core Values and commitment to Justice, Equality and Education. We collaborate and strengthen communities through partnerships founded on ETHICS, INTEGRITY, and TRUST. We believe in the inexhaustible potential of young people and choose to invest in them as one of the answers to a brighter future for our communities and our world.

Our vision

Providing the tools to help our youth become self reliant, productive, and responsible members of society. The tools include:        


President's Message

“For as long as I can remember, I have desired children and saw myself as being a loving and caring parent. I was privileged to have that opportunity to experience love in a way that most parents deem indescribable. From the moment I held my son in my arms, I wanted the very best for him. As a parent, you know what it feels like to look into those precious eyes, hold those tiny fingers and imagine all the things your child will learn and experience in his life…”

Clyde E. Woodroffe IV Foundation Board Members

Mrs. Maxine Kelly Snoddy


Mrs. Chrissy Samuel

Vice President

Ms. Keisha High

Board Member

Mr. Tony L. Ivey Sr.

Board Member

Ms. Kerri Patrick

Board Member

Mr. Mark E. Snoddy

Board Member

Ms. Garthleen Thomas

Board Member

Julien Logan


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